Series One

UFC 150 The Prelims

Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez won “Submission of the Night” honors with his win over Tommy “Wild Card” Hayden but this win was anything but easy. Hayden caught Bermudez with a knee early in round one and I thought it was over for Bermudez, but he got back up and then had to escape an attempt at a rear naked choke and then an armbar. Once he had pulled the off the great escapes “The Menace” then hit “Wild Card” in the chest with a vicious front kick and then ended the contest with a standing guillotine choke.

The Kuiper vs. Hamman fight was a top-notch affair that was very exciting, a fight I thought would contend for the “Fight of the Night” honors and once again, the Cerrone vs. Guillard contest took that also. Michael Kuiper was declared the victor at the 2:16 mark of the second round via TKO, Kuiper landed a vicious left hook that put Hamman down and after Hamman got back to his feet a series of right hands from Michael Kuiper ended the battle as the referee stops it.      

The UFC On Fox III: Main Card

The Maturation Of Nate Diaz

I saw one of the best fighters in the UFC when I had the pleasure to watch the Diaz vs. Miller fight, Nate Diaz also gained a measure of respect from the fans. As Diaz was coming up in the UFC he sometimes would act in a manner that was not in line with his current stature, now I am not saying Nate Diaz is going to get accepted to mensa (I mean it’s not like they would take me either) or be a choirboy but he showed his increasing maturity after the win. He showed Jim Miller the proper amount of respect and showed us all that moving forward he will be a fighter to be reckoned with.

I thought that after the Cerrone fight Diaz had shown he was a much improved fighter but the improvement just keeps on coming. I thought that once he was comfortable that DIaz begin to land shots with extreme accuracy and although we all know that he is a Gracie Jujitsu black belt and his skill on the ground is just flat out scary. Jim Miller is a very very good fighter and Nate Diaz handled him in a very dominating manner so like it or not, Nate Diaz is in line for a title shot and I cannot wait.      

Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem

I have said this before and I will say it again, a high IQ does not always go with a high testosterone level. This has never been more true than the situation that Overeem has gotten himself into, here is a fighter that steam rolled Lesnar and was in position to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Now the IQ part comes into play, so instead of staying clean and getting to fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship he goes on a PED binge and disgraces himself to everyone in the MMA Nation. Can anything more be said about the poor decisions he has made.

And remember the attention he brought upon himself before the Lesnar fight with leaving the country on the day he is to report for a drug test, at the very least that shows he thinks that everyone else if an idiot. He put on a show in the octagon by sending one of the biggest draws in UFC history into retirement and then made quite possibly the worst decision of his career. Overeem was aware of the chances of a random drug test and still was not prepared, Dana White should ban his butt from the UFC for this.

Now all we have to do is wait to see you the lucky winner is for the chance to fight Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship and then get ready to see some kick ass mma.

O.K that is it for today!



Quinton “Rampage” Jackson – How To Pick Up A Gurl Fast?

More UFC Observations

Moving onto the Middleweight division, as stated in a previous post this division includes the “pound for pound” champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva, with that said I do not see anyone that will challenge Anderson Silva this year if he can get by Sonnen. If Chael Sonnen passes the post fight drug test and finds a way to keep Silva on the ground (one or the other maybe…both not happening) during the match he may be the only fighter in position to take the belt from Silva.

If Sonnen can’t beat “The Spider” then I do not expect him to lose to anyone before he decides to retire, however it will not matter if Silva loses the rest of his fights he will forever be known as the first true “pound for pound” MMA champion. He has superior striking ability and above average ground fighting skills. So there have been a couple of times that Mr. Silva has lost some of his focus and clowned some fighters in the octagon, but overall his killer instinct in the octagon and overall fighting skill makes him the best there is…….for now!   

More Thoughts About The UFC

You also gotta love that Nick Diaz had signed up to get beaten again by Carlos Condit. Condit had a great game plan in the last fight and should have gotten a much better understanding of how Diaz quite often will let his mockingbird mouth overload his hummingbird ass, the constant chatter that DIaz put forth get boring at times. If Carlos Condit comes into the next fight with the right mindset he will once again walk out of the octagon with the belt. That was then and this is now, please see below.

Then Mr. Diaz went and put himself on the outside looking in with a failed drug test, then to top it all off brought legal action against the testing authority to try and get the suspension lifted. Hey Nick, just stay ”dazes & confused” for the next few months and come out and put an ass whipping on someone and we will all love you again.      

Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans

The Greatest Year In UFC History

Jon “Bones” Jones has just completed the most dominating year of combat in UFC history, he has beaten a top light heavyweight contender in Ryan Bader and then has ran off a 3 fight win streak that includes Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and then Loyoto Machida, all former UFC World Light Heavyweight Champions.

What can be said other than we have all just witnessed the future of the UFC Light Heavyweight Division and that is Jon Jones. I expect that Jones will be forced to move to the Heavyweight Division within the next 3 to 5 years as it will get harder and harder for him to cut down to 205. And when that happens we will see the future of the Heavyweight Division arrive to claim what is his.      

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